Phototiles | Turn your photos into amazing wall art - just stick them up!

Hi, we are phototiles!

Phototiles are ready to hang lightweight panels, with your favourite photo's printed on them, that you can stick straight to your wall.

Transform any wall in your home into a beautiful gallery.

Your instagram on your wall...

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Phototiles come ready to hang with unique adhesive tabs on the back.

These tabs allow you to move the phototiles to a different location if you feel like a change.

Stick and re-stick leaving no marks.

You can upload a maximum of 6 photos at a time, if you want more then simply click 'Continue Shopping' from the Cart......Just upload your photos and we will do the rest!

  • One tile 20cm x 20cm = £10
  • Buy a set of three tiles 20cm x 20cm = £25
  • One tile A4 = £14
  • Buy a set of three tiles A4 tiles = £35
  • Shipping is always FREE!